Publication Alert! The Secret of Kells | Written for Backyard Global Magazine

I’ve been published!

The Secret of Kells | Written for Backyard Global Magazine

What is it?
A short recommendation submitted to Backyard Global Magazine for the award winning film, “The Secret of Kells.”

Excerpt from the review:

Visually innovative, the film showcases different styles of animation and matches them with the soundtrack and plot as it progresses, often mimicking the characteristics of medieval illumination art to make a point.

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What is Backyard Global?Backyard global header and logoBackyard Global is an organization focused on increasing cultural appreciation around the world.
In their own words;
“We are a collection of people passionate about exploring the world, both in person and on our couches! Backyard Global recommends the latest international series and movies available in the USA on popular streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify! Additionally, we have recipes, book, and video game specials almost every month! Each month you’ll be presented with the latest foreign updates on Netflix and a select few personalized recommendations from our readers. Prepare to watch Spanish films, listen to Malian bands, eat German pretzels, and play Persian video games. Better yet, explore the world, no passport required!”

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