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#ThrowbackThursday: Henry Ford Early College Graduates First Biotechnology Student

Has it really been four years?

Four years since I finished up high school and got my associates degree at the age of eighteen. Since I was the first high schooler to graduate from the Biotechnology program at Henry Ford College–Henry Ford Community College back then.

I was extremely lucky to have had the chances I had in life. To have been able to start college at fourteen, and to have gotten my first two years free.

One day, I hope to pay that luck forward. To establish a scholarship fund of my own.

One day, I hope to see two years of college or vocational training free for everyone.

One day, I hope to see the education system in America be what I know it can be–accessible, equitable, and effective.

What do you see for our educational future? What do you want to become reality?

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